Safety and environment

We aim for successful business with added value to all our stakeholders. Our operations impact their health and safety. A safe and healthy work environment is absolutely essential, whatever the job and wherever the location. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people or put our environment at risk.

Reduce of carbon footprint

To minimize our CO2 footprint during our daily operations we are continuously improving and looking for possibilities to reduce the impact of our organization on the environment.

  • Reduce paper use (by process digitalization)
  • Optimize the usage, fuel consumption and maintenance of our cars (by shared vehicles, electric cars and fleet monitoring)
  • Reduce of use of energy (by using movement sensors in offices)


Code of sustainable supply

As an independent system integrator, we are part of a supply chain. A supply chain that is becoming increasingly complex with a network of national and international suppliers, service providers and subcontractors.

In our Code of Sustainable Supply, we have identified our ambitions when it comes to CSR. Together with our suppliers, we believe in the sustainable quality of our technological services which can provide a contribution to a better world. Suppliers are expected to maximally comply with the Code of Sustainable Supply. This enables RH Marine to ensure that social responsibility principles are well applied throughout the supply chain of products and services.

Community involvement

RH Marine finds it important to support social local initiatives. An example of this is the sponsor agreement with Rotterdam Topsport in realizing the ambitions of young talented athletes and contributing to a better sport climate in Rotterdam. Also every year we participate in Run for Kika an organization which aims to cure 95 percent of all children with cancer.

International committees

RH Marine shares its experience and knowledge in the field of developments in the shipping industry that contribute to the achievement of climate goals and a better environment. RH Marine currently plays an active role in the following organizations;

  • IMO is the International Maritime Organization
  • IEC and ISO bring together experts to share knowledge and develop international standards that support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges
  • CIRM exists to promote the application of electronic technology to the safety-of-life at sea and efficient conduct of vessels 
  • Sea Europe Maritime believes truly sustainable future will be based on safe, efficient and innovative maritime technologies and structures.  
  • The Dutch EMC-ESD Association is an association of about 150 professionals in the field of EMC and/or ESD.




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