Electromagnetic compatibility

The increased number of electrical systems on-board causes an increased risk of mutual distortion. Signals and noise generated by other equipment or natural sources may disturb the proper functioning of the equipment. Electromagnetic Compability (EMC) is the craftsmanship of making electric and electronic equipment work as intended in its electromagnetic environment. 

Risk based approach

Until 2017, the Lloyd’s Naval Rules offered two options to deal with EMC. One option requires the application of equipment that complies with the maritime EMC standard IEC60533 (which is hardly available on the market); the other requires the use of equipment that complies with an appropriate naval standard, MIL-SPEC (expensive and potentially outdated). RH Marine’s consultants cooperated with Lloyd's Registers to set new international rules and standards on this topic. Since then, there's a new and more suitable option: Risk-based EMC.

Experienced system integrators are now able to design installations while keeping a risk-based approach in mind. Therefore the safety of the entire system can be assessed instead of the individual components. The improved standard enables electrical system integrators with sufficient EMC knowledge to deliver reliable, up to date and easy to maintain installations for the right price. 

EMC Experts

RH Marine is an innovative system integrator with leading EMC knowledge and extensive in-field experience. We use this knowledge to bring regulations in line with modern technology and help to make the maritime industry safer. RH Marine can assist you in preventing or troubleshooting EMC problems for your vessel. 

RH Marine has published several papers on risk-based EMC:

• Cost-effective electromagnetic compatible installation using a risk-based approach
• An interference risk-based approach for naval vessels
• Risk-based EMC for complex systems


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Jan-Kees van der Ven


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