Integrated bridge systems

We provide Integrated Bridge System (IBS) training consisting of the following modules:

  • Infrastructure
  • Radar
  • Autopilot
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Navigation sensors

Training can be tailored upon customer’s request and the specific configuration of its Integrated Bridge System on board.

Remote and on board training

In addition to training at our own training facilities in Rotterdam and Schiedam, we also provide remote training. Training via digital platforms reduces travel, costs, time and the climate footprint. This service is delivered through online training tools with the use of a virtual ship environment. Upon your request we can even make a complete virtual copy of your vessel to simulate the situation on board and create a completely tailor-made training. The digital training environment enables the crew to make optimal use of their own systems, assisted live by a qualified instructor.

Upon customer’s request we are also able to train your crew on board on your own system to maximize the ship’s performance. The bridge automation training program combines theory and practice on your fully operational bridge system.

We offer the following courses in bridge automation:

  • Integrated Bridge System (IBS) for operators: Complete course consisting of all bridge automation systems onboard
  • ECDIS: Electronic Chart Display and Information System
  • Radar: The course deals with operating the Radar/ARPA installation, interpretation of the radar image, plotting and prediction of relative motion, rules and regulations
  • Autopilot: The course deals with operating the autopilot and addresses system properties, control modes, sensor management, alarms and operational awareness
  • Dynamic Positioning: General Dynamic Positioning principles, system coordination, interpretation of sensors, operation of thrusters and maneuvering systems, Legal matters, rules and regulations
  • Navigation sensors: This course addresses all bridge connected equipment, such as GPS and navigation lights
  • Integrated Bridge System (IBS) for maintainers: Practice based training for maintenance personnel. The course addresses regular maintenance issues as well as more specialized topics

‘Five Royal Australian Navy members recently attended a short course with RH Marine Netherlands BV to receive an introduction to the complete bridge and platform automation system offered by RH Marine Netherlands BV. The training is practical, hands on and can be adjusted depending on personal experience. The course involves members living on board and provides Navy members the opportunity to try out and solve all kinds of faults with the system ordinarily not permitted on RAN ships.'

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Rebecca de Snoo

Training coordinator

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