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As part of the integrated bridge suite of applications RH Marine has developed its own chart system. We were one of the first to deliver an electronic chart system for a seagoing vessel, and have continued development ever since. Over the years we've supplied many systems to various types of vessels.

Nowadays our system complies with the latest ECDIS standards, and has market specific add-ons to seamlessly fit in your bridge. Whether it’s a yacht requiring tender tracking or a frigate using military layers; a chart system from RH Marine is a beneficial addition to your integrated bridge.


Electronic Chart Display and Information System

This type approved ECDIS contains all features to perform efficient route planning and route monitoring. Flexible sensor input in a multiple server setup ensures continuous operation. The seamless Rhodium NavPilot integration allows the operator to set heading or track in the ECDIS application.

• Bridge Alert Management implemented
• Available on all integrated workstations
• Alert priority adjustable to the situation
• User profiles for customized operation
• Tender tracking module
• Export or import routes
• Various screen sizes

The type-specific ECDIS training can be arranged at our training facility in Rotterdam or on board.


Click here to download the ECDIS software compliance list



Electronic Chart System

If you want the chart application as an addition to your bridge, and an ECDIS is not required, RH Marine can provide the Chart application a cost efficient single server setup. It provides all route planning and monitoring functionalities, without the additional installation requirements of an ECDIS.


Voyage Planning Station

RH Marine’s Voyage Planning Station is the ideal add-on to optimise the planning process; the accuracy and quality of an approved ECDIS with the size of a paper chart and the freedom to draw like on paper.

• Large high resolution screen; experienced like a paper chart
• Easy user interface: point and plan, move freely
• No ECDIS training required, follow your intuition
• Real-time route calculator; immediately see the effect when moving a waypoint
• Put text notes on the chart and link them to the applicable spot

Click here to download the Voyage Planning Station brochure


Warship ECDIS

For military purposes RH Marine provides the Warship ECDIS. Many navies around the world use the RH Marine WECDIS with its military applications.

• Naval navigation functions
• Operation planning
• Advances user layers for optimum warfare support


Warship Voyage Planning Station

The Warship Voyage Planning Station is the ideal tool for optimising the planning process. A clear operational overview with the planning characteristics, but also WECDIS functionality. The large touchscreen enables multi discipline collaboration and intuitive operation, also for non-navigation officers.

• Easy user interface: point and plan, move freely
• No ECDIS training required, follow your intuition
• Real-time route calculator
• Military operation grids

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Marcel Vermeulen

Marcel Vermeulen

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