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RH Marine has a long track record in the development of applications for Ship Motion Control, all designed to optimise the basic ship operations. One of the applications it offers from its extensive resources of functionalities and controls is the Dynamic Positioning and Tracking control system. Ranging from an add-on for an integrated bridge to a class approved DP2 system; from a small joystick system to a redundant multi station setup; the RH Marine solution can cover almost any configuration.

With Dynamic Positioning and Tracking, a vessel can maintain its position and heading automatically by means of thruster force. As well as this station keeping, RH Marine's Dynamic Positioning and Tracking system can also order the vessel to sail a predefined track at very low speed, where the heading may differ from the sailed course. This system has been developed by drawing upon our many years of experience in ships’ automation and control systems, gained in our work with vessels such as naval vessels, luxury yachts and offshore workboats.


Dynamic Positioning and Tracking

• Up to DP Class II
• Always-on; one system for all speeds
• User friendly Graphic Interface
• Multi Operator Station Control
• User selectable sensors
• Remote diagnostics


Standard operational functions:

  • Manual mode (manual control over the levers, monitored by the DPT system)
  • Sail Pilot (Heading Control System, Track Control System)
  • Medium Pilot (also using bow and stern thrusters)
  • Speed Control (maintaining fixed speed)
  • Dynamic Tracking (maintaining track on low speeds)
  • Dynamic Positioning (hold position)
  • Joystick Control (use the joystick to move the vessel)
  • DP Mixed (certain movements via joystick, the other movements automatic on hold)

Advanced functions:

  • Optimal heading
  • On-line pivot point selection
  • On-line DP point changes
  • Extensive diagnostics support
  • On-line consequence analysis (DP class 2)
  • Power management /overload protection
  • On board training and simulation
  • Plough operation functions


Compact DP

Compact DP and Joystick system

All basic Dynamic Positioning and Joystick control system functionality in one compact system. 

Deploy options:

  • Stand alone system
  • Addition to a Rhodium integrated bridge system
  • Additional workstation in a Rhodium DPT4500 system
  • Independent Joystick System on a classified DP system


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Marcel Vermeulen

Marcel Vermeulen

Portfolio Manager Integrated Bridge

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