Voyage Planning Station

Rhodium integrated bridge

ECDIS has brought a lot of ease to the bridge, but the good old paper chart also had advantages. Especially when planning a voyage, a good overview comes in handy.

RH Marine’s Voyage Planning Station is the ideal add-on to optimise the planning process; the accuracy and quality of an approved ECDIS with the size of a paper chart and the freedom to draw like on paper.



  • Large high resolution screen; experienced like a paper chart
  • Easy user interface: point and plan, move freely
  • No ECDIS training required, follow your intuition
  • Real-time route calculator; immediately see the effect when moving a waypoint
  • Export your planned voyage; have it imported and checked by the ECDIS
  • Import approved routes from the ECDIS
  • Mark locations with specific symbols
  • Put text notes on the chart and link them to the applicable spot
  • Add photos or movie clips to locations
  • Include stops within the voyage
  • Mark borders of interesting areas
  • Freely draw on the chart

Plan your route

In terms of scale, the planning station can provide anything from an overview of a complete ocean for crossing planning to a large-scale presentation of a local ECDIS cell for detailed planning. Changing the scale is like zooming in or out on your smartphone. With this new planning station the paper charts become useless!

A non-ECDIS trained crew member can plan the voyage programme for the day based on the owner’s or operator’s wishes, with all activities related to the position where they are executed in a voyage plan. Crew members do not have to follow the procedures for ECDIS navigation; it is solely used for planning purposes.



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Marcel Vermeulen

Marcel Vermeulen

Portfolio Manager Integrated Bridge

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