Rhodium AMCS

With the Rhodium Alarm Monitoring & Control System (AMCS), any vessel of any size can have a state-of-the-art automation solution. Being completely modular and scalable in terms of configuration and complexity, the Rhodium AMCS is just as suitable for large naval vessels or mega yachts as it is for tenders or ferries.

By using a mesh network topology (providing multiple paths from sensor to workstation the data can follow), multi-server system architecture, embedded software and extremely rigorous testing, the Rhodium AMCS is a highly reliable and durable foundation for your vessel's automation. A wide range of data security measures guarantee that operating the automation system happens both safely and securely.


• Scalable automation solution
• Modern intuitive HMI with vector-based graphics
• Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solid state hardware
• Robust network architecture
• Multiple PLC-type support
• Runtime configurability
• Custom symbol editor
• OEM version available



Rhodium AMCS is made up of a wide array of readily available hardware and software components. The exact configuration and combination of these components is uniquely tailored to the client’s specific needs.

The Rhodium AMCS is available in four editions: Light, Basic, Full and Extended. Each edition offers a focused set of functions and features, all of which are compliant to the applicable rules and regulations. From small motorboats and basic workboats to luxury superyachts and complex navy vessels: the Rhodium AMCS provides a suitable solution for both the vessel and its crew.





The most important aspect of any automation system is its users. They need a clear, unambiguous and easy way to inspect the system and all components connected to it. The Rhodium AMCS features a modern Graphic User Interface with a degree of flexibility no other system comes close to. It features a large set of elements for use on viewers, each with their own strengths and intended purpose.


The Rhodium AMCS is composed of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components. The advantages of these components are their high reliability, high availability and high serviceability. Additionally, by using COTS components the Rhodium AMCS can easily and quickly incorporate the latest technological developments. Backward compatibility allows for easy replacement of obsolete hardware components.


Due to the Rhodium AMCS’s highly flexible network support, it is able to (physically or virtually) subdivide its mesh network into distinct segments or zones. Each section of a vessel will then also be its own redundant network.

Should the main connections be severed, such a segment will then function autonomously without any loss of data. All other workstations only show the alarms of the LPU’s in that segment. Should the now separate network segments be connected again, all data will be synchronised across all network nodes in a matter of milliseconds.


The Rhodium AMCS supports the full range of both WAGO and Allen- Bradley PLCs. It is even possible to use both PLC types in the same system at the same time, sharing every bit of information across the board.


The Rhodium AMCS is entirely configurable during its normal day-to-day operation: there is no need to shut down the system for configuration purposes. This greatly speeds up factory acceptance tests and sea trials. In fact, practically all configuration work can be performed on a live, running system without interrupting normal operation or even sailing. This feature saves valuable time during both commissioning, operational and maintenance periods of the vessel.


The Rhodium AMCS offers its users the possibility to create their own custom symbol library, allowing the vessel to use its own iconography or symbolism. Symbol properties are duplicated across the graphical pages, meaning any edit to a symbol is instantly reflected to every copy on any page.


The Rhodium AMCS is also available as OEM version for system integrators unwilling or unable to invest in the development of their own automation solution. Being highly configurable not only in architecture or topology but also in appearance, the Rhodium AMCS is able to take on a tailor-made user interface with a custom library of standard instruments, graphic symbols and its overall UI design.

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