Automated Decision Support

After suffering damage, the crew's first priority is to gather information and assess its impact on the ship. Operators receive a multitude of information and alarms from the ship automation systems, risking information overload. The analysis of the impact on the ship’s capabilities depends mainly on the experience and knowledge of the operators.

For mitigating incidents, the operators are mainly supported by makeshift memory aids, paper manuals and AMCS pages. Operators need to consult all this information concurrently, in an already hectic and stressful period, in order to determine the sequence of controls to be executed.

The Rhodium Automated Decision Support (ADS) application assesses the alarms generated by the AMCS and determines what sequence of events is required to best contain the damage. This sequence is presented to the operator through a dedicated HMI. The ADS application reduces operator load and maximises available time for maintaining internal situational awareness and directing personnel.


  • Advice generation
  • Adaptive advices 
  • Advice execution
  • Integrated with AMCS and EIB

Advice generation

The operator can make a selection of available recommendations and select these for execution. These tasks together form the advice generated by the system. This advice can be generated automatically in case of a damage event or on request by the operator via the Electronic Incident Board (EIB). Typical advice contains:

  • AMCS commands
  • Opening of documents
  • Displaying camera images
  • Activation of sound files

Adaptive advice

The concept advice presented by the system can be adjusted by the user, based on his assessment of the actual situation (readiness state and Command Aim related). Should the advice be accepted by the operator, a task list is generated. Some of these tasks can be executed by the AMCS and some of the actions are to be executed by the operator or other personnel.

Advice execution

During the definition phase of advice, the procedures can be designed to be executed by the ADS application either automatically when required or only after additional confirmation by the operator. The progress of each task is shown to the operator and when all tasks have been executed, the advice is completed.

Integrated with AMCS and EIB

The Rhodium ADS application offers complete integration with the Rhodium AMCS and EIB systems. Damage events and operator plot actions on the EIB can directly lead to the initiation of an automated advice. Verbal communication between the damage officer and operators is not required because of this tight integration.

The combined systems guarantees faster response, reduction of cognitive load, better communication and less operator error. In the end, all this put together allows optimising of crew numbers altogether.

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