Camera and Surveillance System

The Rhodium Camera and Surveillance System (CCS) system is a network based video surveillance and recording system. Network cameras stream high quality video feeds to the Network Video Recorder (NVR). These feeds are accessible from any location on board with a workstation or your mobile devices. The easy-to-use application gives you seamless access to both live and recorded video as well as instant control of cameras and other connected security devices. The system can be extended with door access management and security functionalities.


  • Network based solution
  • Video available on mobile devices
  • Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) PoE compliant hardware
  • Multiple camera-type support
  • Integrated door access management
  • Fully integrated with Rhodium AMCS

Network based solution

The heart of the Rhodium CSS system is the Network Video Recorder. All network cameras are connected to the NVR either directly or via a dedicated CCTV network. The NVR stores these feeds on its internal storage units. 

A separate network is used for distribution of the feeds to the clients such as video displays, bridge/automation workstations, video walls, third-party networks, etcetera. Remote clients can also subscribe to these feeds via satellite connection, WiFi or fixed shore connection.

Video available on mobile devices

Users can view, play back and export video on their own mobile devices. Available as download from Google Play, the App Store and Windows Phone Store, the app gives instantaneous access (if so configured) to the Camera and Surveillance System via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections.

COTS PoE compliant hardware

The Rhodium CSS is composed of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components. The advantages of these components are their high reliability, high availability and high serviceability. Additionally, by using COTS components the Rhodium AMCS can easily and quickly incorporate the latest technological developments. Backward compatibility allows for easy replacement of obsolete hardware components.

Multiple camera-type support hardware

The Rhodium CSS system offers a broad range of high-quality network cameras. These cameras cover a variety of user needs, ranging from discreet cameras (e.g. pinhole) for sensitive environments to robust outdoor cameras for harsh environments. The cameras provide a number of capabilities ensuring clear video even in difficult lighting conditions.

Integrated door access management

The Rhodium Camera and Surveillance System can be extended with door access control functionality. This allows the user simultaneously operate the video cameras and the access control system from the same workstation. Among the core benefits this integration brings is visual identification of anyone who requests access to a given location. The CSS can interface with most of the readily available access control systems. The functionality this combination unlocks ranges from assigning types of doors and creating access groups to creating complete access schedules.

Fully Integrated with Rhodium AMCS

When the CSS system is integrated with the Rhodium AMCS, it is possible to view and to control the CSS application from within the AMCS. For this purpose, the CSS application is embedded in the Rhodium AMCS. The CSS HMI is available in the same way as the process views. There is no need for switching between different applications. For integration with the AMCS, separate network ports are used in order to guarantee separation between AMCS and CSS network traffic.

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