Remote Access

Rhodium Remote Access provides a connection between a shore based location and the automation systems on board a vessel. This connection can be used by owners, service engineers, operating companies, engine manufacturers: anyone with an interest in the vessel’s operation and the rights to access this information.

Rhodium Remote Access (RA) supports different modes of remote access, each providing a different level of access and functionality. Any remote access to Rhodium Automation systems must be authorised on board. The system uses secure network connections via satellite communication and applies the appropriate protection measures to prevent external intrusion of the system.


  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance

Remote monitoring

A ship owner or operator can access information from one or more of his vessels on a near real time basis. Values can be viewed in AMCS similar mimics, presented in components like gauges or bar graphs. Historical values can be presented in linear diagrams. The information pages can differ per type of user. Users don’t connect to the vessel directly, but to the shore database. 

The values to be monitored and their resolution are defined at setup. This data is collected from the connected systems and sent to the shore database whenever a connection between ship and shore is available.

Remote diagnosis

With Remote diagnosis, it’s possible to control a set of vessel system parameters from ashore. The two-way-traffic connection provides a more intelligent way of monitoring. For instance, it’s possible to adjust the definition and resolution of the data fields to be exported. A key switch controlled by the Master can prevent inbound communication for defined systems, if so required by Authorities or the Master.

Remote maintenance

With the Rhodium remote maintenance solution, customer service and maintenance of the Rhodium products can be offered independently of the vessels location. An RH Marine service technician or engineer can access the Rhodium products from anywhere in the world to retrieve logbook entries, application data and much more. Periodic inspections can be held as preventive maintenance. Thorough preparation can be conducted if a service visit is necessary. This way, downtime is kept to a minimum and costly travel can be limited.

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