Defence, Safety & Security

RH Marine is an established technology service provider for customers operating globally in the defence, safety and security sectors. Working closely with navies and coastguard services worldwide we provide technical solutions that guarantee safe and secure operations at sea in the full range of ship types including frigates, corvettes, patrol vessels, auxiliary ships, submarines and various support vessels.

The delivery of all RH Marine products and systems is managed by an experienced and professional project organisation to ensure the on spec, on budget and in time delivery of all systems in close co-operation with representatives from the shipyard and end user.

Electrical and Automation

We specialise in the supply of complete electrical and automation systems, including:

  • Diesel-electric and hybrid propulsion package
  • Power generation and distribution systems
  • Energy management systems
  • Degaussing systems
  • Submarine steering and diving control systems
  • Rudder roll stabilisation systems
  • Integrated bridge management systems
  • Integrated platform management systems including alarm, monitoring and control systems
  • Firefighting and damage control systems
  • HVAC technology providing chilled water plants and CBRN protection systems

Innovation is key

We continuously innovate our solutions to facilitate our customer’s increasingly challenging operational requirements in terms of increase of performance, reduced operating costs, crew size optimization, and improved maintainability with effective integrated logistic support solutions including training. Decision support, system autonomy and energy efficiency are examples of our key innovation areas. Through innovation significant improvements have been achieved in:

  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • System autonomy and decision support
  • Improved energy efficiency.

High end design capabilities

With extensive experience in this demanding market RH Marine is a valuable design partner able to take system integration responsibility for all ship support platform systems. Our specialists know how to implement naval requirements for electrical and automation systems to operate in extreme shock, vibration and EMC environments.

By using concurrent design techniques we are able to mitigate risks at the earliest possible stage of the ship design process ensuring the development of cost effective and maintainable ship systems.

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