RH Marine participates in MARCONI innovation project

03 July 2019

RH Marine is part of the consortium of the MARCONI project. The innovation project focuses with a number of chain partners on the development of service logistic control towers in the maritime sector. Electrical system integrator RH Marine is primarily involved in the development of predictive maintenance tooling and the management of obsolescence.

The MARCONI project is based on the results of the MaSeLMa project, which was completed in 2018. Based on these results, MARCONI focuses on four aspects: better maintenance, less sailing through maintenance, less crew and less CO2 emissions. The aspects relate to the vision on service logistic control towers. The vision is translated into three work packages.

In the first work package, we will investigate the development of autonomous service logistic decision support. In concrete terms, this means investigating the potential to switch from user-dependent to condition-based maintenance. The increasing obsolescence problem of parts, but also software, is also included in this work package. Together with DMO and Thales, RH Marine has already given a first impulse to the obsolescence issue within the MaSeLMa project. Within these three companies, a master's student from Eindhoven University of Technology has done research into the proactive management of obsolescence. This research will be continued within the MARCONI project. A bachelor student at RH Marine will validate the results obtained earlier and conduct research into the feasibility of using the developed tooling.

The other work packages concentrate more on the surrounding secondary and supporting processes. The second work package concerns the development/description and testing of a control tower architecture and operating model, in line with the reciprocal cooperation between the various chain partners. Work package three consists of setting up the information management of the control tower. RH Marine is also closely involved in these work packages.

Together with the chain partners, universities and other government institutions, RH Marine tries to arrive at a validated prototype of a service logistic control tower. We will keep you informed of these developments.

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