Rhodium hybrid Energy

RH Marine helps its customer in the transition towards a fully sustainable shipping business by offering advanced Hybrid and Energy Management products. Sustainable is more than green, and therefore RH Marine believes that a Hybrid Power and Propulsion system should not only be better for the environment, but also for the operator as well as for your total cost of ownership.

Maximizing benefits

RH Marine has built up vast experience in this field, with hybrid systems in service in all our markets. The designs are cost effective, reliable, safe and easy to operate. Our solutions realize substantial emission reduction and fuel savings. Performance measurements proof savings up to 40%.

In order to make you benefit from new hybrid technology, it is essential to be involved from the conceptual design phase onwards. As such we offer Hybrid and Energy Management products for every stage of the ship’s life cycle.

What we do

Based on the ship’s operational profile and requirements RH Marine can advise and design the optimal power & propulsion system. In our grid design tool we are capable to model a ship’s power and propulsion system. This enable to test different configurations and control strategies which leads to the most optimal configuration based on total cost of ownership.

Energy Management System

RH Marine’s unique Energy Management System automates and provides performance feedback of the Hybrid Power & Propulsion system and consists of:

  • Energy Controller (optimise power sources)
  • Energy Dashboard (performance feedback and advice)
  • Remote Monitoring (KPI's trends) 
  • Performance analysis and fine tuning (KPI's reporting) 

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