Rhodium hybrid Energy

The drivers for hybrid energy adoption differ per ship segment and owner. For some it’s the reduction in operational costs, improved grid stability or access to emission control area’s (ECAs) while for others the aspects of increased comfort or an (temporary) increase in power are more important. All experts agree: an combination of multiple power sources is the key to optimise future maritime operation.

RH Marine is the undisputed expert in the field of maritime hybrid energy management with an in-house developed award winning energy management system, proven performance and an extensive track record. The Rhodium hybrid solution provides optimal loading of the generators, extra power when required and super-quiet cruising at slow speeds without any engines turning. The designs are reliable, safe and easy to operate.

Award winning EMS

The Rhodium Energy Management System (EMS) is the heart of the hybrid power system. The self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm automatically distributes the power demand over the available energy sources to ensure the optimal operational profile. Making the total solution up to 10% more efficient than conventional hybrid peak shaving solutions.

The intuitive Energy Dashboard provides clear performance feedback to the operator, both on and offshore.

Proven performance

The first Rhodium Energy Management System was installed on the MV Hallaig seagoing ferry in 2012 and many vessels have followed since. By analyzing the data of the different shiptypes, RH Marine has continued to optimize the hybrid power source management. The combined data of the unpredictable sailing profile proves 11% fuel savings and 32% generator running hour reductions whilst the predictable sailing profile proves 38% fuel savings and 28% reduction in generator running hours.

Constant feedback about the fleet’s performance and system health status is valuable information for the fleet manager. The remote monitoring system provides a web-based portal with customisable mimics and data presentation. RH Marine provides support in the analysis of this data to further improve the performance of the fleet.

Extensive track record

RH Marine has built up vast experience in the hybrid energy field, with more than 10 operational hybrid systems onboard yachts, offshore patrol vessels, submarines and seagoing ferries.

In order to fully benefit from new hybrid technology it is advised to involve a system integrator from the conceptual design phase onwards. Based on the ship’s operational profile and requirements RH Marine can advise and design the optimal power & propulsion system.

In Hybrid Grid Design Studio we are able to model and analyse a ship’s power and propulsion system. This enable to test different configurations and control strategies which leads to the most optimal configuration based on total cost of ownership.


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