Rhodium integrated bridge

RH Marine delivers systems that help to optimise bridge operations and navigate safe and efficient. The Rhodium Bridge portfolio consists of all required applications like radar, ECDIS, conning and autopilot, as well as more specific applications like Dynamic Positioning and tracking and rudder roll stabilisation.

RH Marine delivers the custom-made bridge the modern bridge officer wants, adapted to his requirements. With RH Marine’s flexible approach and extensive range of building blocks, the bridge can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether it is about the available space or a certain feature you need, we make your bridge work safely and in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.


Bridge system highlights:

  • Autopilot (heading, track, route, speed)
  • CONNING (navigation sensor management, central alerting)
  • ECDIS (available on every screen, highly integrated)
  • WECDIS (sophisticated military add-ons on ECDIS)
  • RADAR (multiple screen and scanner options, image fusion)
  • Joystick Control (simplifies combined thruster control)
  • Bridge Operator panels (industrial, foil or glass panels)
  • Navigation and Communication Equipment
  • Dynamic Positioning and Tracking (from functional add-on up to certified DP2)
  • Rudder Roll Stabilisation (efficient alternative for stabilisers)
  • Voyage Planning Station

Click here to download the ECDIS software compliance list


With the Rhodium Bridge applications we ensure safe navigation with minimal distraction, providing clear feedback on the ship’s status and consequences for your operation. Our bridge enables the operator to seamlessly switch tasks, while keeping the same control position with optimized information overview in a uniform look and feel.

RH Marine fulfils the integrator role and makes sure the various systems that come together on the bridge work and fit well together, whether it’s the propulsion control system or the various miscellaneous bridge systems. 

The multi-function workstation concept allows all applications to be available on all workstations. Data is shared throughout the applications, ensuring unambiguous information.

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