Rhodium Components

RH Marine can deliver complete bridges. From sensor to console, from standard operator control to customised high end operator panels; we combine what is required for your vessel or building process.


Operator Panels

Bridge control equipment

The many different control components on a bridge come with their own user interface. RH Marine has the possibility to bring these together in one or more clean operator panels.

  • Industrial, foil, glass or touchscreen
  • For a specific application (e.g. autopilot)
  • For a comprehensive solution (e.g. including applications like window wiper control)
  • For a specific location (e.g. bridge wing)





Racks and consoles

Mechanical integration

To keep the mechanical components of a bridge together, RH Marine provides neatly engineered consoles and racks. RH Marine uses its many years of experience and knowledge of marine engineering to compile a bridge from clean and effective building blocks. These building blocks ensure a fast and smooth installation on board, using as little space as possible while keeping the equipment serviceable.