Rhodium ship automation

RH Marine delivers ship automation systems that optimize the operations of your technical equipment. The Rhodium Automation portfolio comprises all the necessary applications such as AMCS, PCS, PMS and CSS, and also a set of more specialized applications such as the Electronic Incident Board, Automated Decision Support and Simulation and Training Systems. The modular concept allows the scaling of applications for all vessel types and sizes, with the functionalities required by the end-user.



Key features of the Rhodium Automation portfolio are:

  • Scalable solution (both in size and functionality)
  • COTS hardware and software
  • Modern intuitive HMI with multi-language capability
  • Multi-server architecture (high reliability)
  • Multi redundant network architecture (high survivability)
  • Remote service and maintenance

Co-creation with first-class navies

RH Marine co-created advanced applications for fighting battle damage incidents, together with first-class Navies. These applications are based on an unambiguous, ubiquitous and user-specific information flow, providing optimal situational awareness and decision support. The result is a more efficient handling of emergency situations with mitigation of damage and saving of lives.

Limited life cycle cost

Our ship automation systems are based on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and software, with a system architecture based on a modular design with distributed system components and multiple levels of redundancy. The intelligent software allows for flexible and free HMI design and programming of user-specific control functions.

The open architecture and use of international standards allows for upgrading functionality and capacity with limited disruption. These features result in an extremely reliable and highly available automation system with limited life cycle cost.


For more information about our Rhodium Ship automation products:

Frank Soonieus | RH Marine

Frank Soonieus

Product Manager Ship Automation