Rhodium ship automation

Ships are now being equipped with increasingly complicated systems that are operated by fewer operators with limited training. The RH Marine Ship Automation portfolio consists of applications that make vessel operations easier, safer and more efficient. Whether it is for basic monitoring and control or comprehensive integrated platform management, RH Marine has the applications to fulfil all vessel automation needs. We have taken engine room automation to the next level by adding smart applications like decision support, providing guidance in critical situations.

One of the big advantages is the flexibility of our product line. Large or small, standalone or highly integrated, basic or extremely complex: we will fit the automation system to your particular needs.


RH Marine Ship Automation is able to provide the following functionalities:

Limited life cycle cost

Our ship automation systems are based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware and software, with a system architecture based on a modular design with distributed system components and multiple levels of redundancy.

The intelligent software allows for flexible and free HMI design and programming of user-specific control functions. These features result in an extremely reliable and highly available automation system with reduced life cycle cost.


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For more information about our Rhodium Ship automation products:

Frank Soonieus | RH Marine

Frank Soonieus

Product Manager Ship Automation