Integrated virtualized system architecture (IVSA)

In recent decades, all systems on board have been installed, developed and improved as stand-alone solutions and rely on traditional IO-based communication. This results in a large amount of physical components, redundant cables and unused computer power.

The isolated nature of these systems makes an integrated cyber security approach, multifunctional workspace design and technical ship management very complex. To solve this issue, RH Marine introduces IVSA - the next generation of system integration.

Cloud inspired

The development of IVSA is a major step forward for the performance and security of the international maritime industry. While the solution has initially been developed for the navy industry, the platform is also available for commercial vessels.

The system provides an on-board computer network to which applications for the bridge, engine room, CCTV, the Alarm Monitoring and Control System (AMCS) or Power Management Systems (PMS) can be connected. This creates a connected platform with shared resources and (cyber) security in mind.

RH Marine's IVSA is the only cloud inspired integration platform which is currently certified for maritime use. This certification includes the renowned wheelmark which certifies safe and reliable navigation and control, allowing bridge equipment to safely be added to the network. 

Secure by design

The platform is build on 21st century technology by combining a smart ethernet network with cloud computing power. This enables three main technical features: 

1) Connectivity | All applications are connected to the same network and applications are therefore easier to interface

2) Independency | Hard- and software elements are decoupled. Enabling individual elements of the system to be changed and/or upgraded

3) Cyber security | Simplified implementation of network and application based cyber security.

Enabling new business

IVSA acts as a shared platform between the owner, users, OEM’s and broker companies. This flexibility allows for new business models to be implemented which were unfeasible with traditional platforms.

Suppliers might offer comprehensive performance-based service contracts, system architects have the appropriate tools to design safe & secure systems, and naval architects get the flexibility to come up with radically new room layouts or designs.

Use cases

This interconnected platform with shared resources creates unique value for OEM's, shipbuilders and operators. Below is an example of some of these use cases:

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