Rhodium Electrical Power

Power generation, distribution, conversion and control. This is the essence of the Electrical Power Product Line of RH Marine. All aspects regarding this functionality are represented by this product line, from design and engineering to installation and operation.

From operation to system

The electrical grid provides the infrastructure to power your business, whether this is transportation, peacekeeping, construction or comfort. Our vision is to enable our customer to perform their task in the best way possible. Power generation and distribution is by definition a supporting functionality, but nevertheless a vital one on modern ships. In order to optimize this function, RH Marine approaches the design of the power system from the vessel’s operation.


Your operation requires power with a certain quality level, reliability and will vary in time. Combining decades of experience and functional requirements, the optimal grid design is made for each operational mode. This design consists of an aligned power plant and the most suitable distribution, being AC, DC or a combination. The grid is controlled by an advanced power management system, ensuring safe and reliable operation of your main task, under the most demanding circumstances.

Driving your application

Variable frequency drives are a commodity nowadays, used to control the main consumers on most ships. From our in-house produced converters in the past to supplier independent drives today, we implement years of experience and operational knowledge in our drive systems, providing the motion your application desires. This can vary from DP thrusters to cutters to hoisting applications.

For over 150 years RH Marine has been the preferred choice for system integration for the maritime industry. By combining our extensive operational experience with in-depth knowledge of electrical systems, we deliver state-of-the-art systems which enable our customer to focus on their business.

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