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Our mission is to enable our partners to focus on their operation, while we take care of the electrical and automation technology onboard. Rhodium is RH Marine’s in-house developed and integrated infrastructure. The range consists of solutions and applications in the Bridge, Automation, Hybrid and Power domain.

The portfolio provides added value through integrated solutions that cover hardware products, software products, capabilities and services for all types of vessels.

Integrated platform

All Rhodium solutions are developed by dedicated teams with a common mission: Providing a flexible, easy to maintain and intuitive user experience. When all solutions and applications are integrated, Rhodium unleashes its full potential.

The solutions and applications can be supplied on a networked (INSA) or virtualized (IVSA) infrastructure, each with their own benefits.

Virtualized future

RH Marine’s next-level Integrated Virtualized System Architecture (IVSA) provides a universal system platform on which applications (like bridge applications, engine room automation, CCTV and energy management) are integrated. 

Together with research institutes and industry partners, RH Marine has found that by having one central infrastructure that complies with classification societies, including MED certification for the navigation applications, routine maintenance and upgrades are much easier. As a result, any workstation onboard can be used more effectively, hardware is easier to upgrade and replace and applications can be updated independently.

Rhodium and its legacy

The product family name is Rhodium, the chemical element with the symbol Rh – a reference to our company name. Rhodium is a rare precious metal that can be combined with other metals to improve their properties. It is resistant to corrosion and is used in catalysts. A clear analogy with our own ambition: to supply strong, valuable products that work well together and help our clients deliver a better job.

The first Rhodium solutions have been commissioned in 2015. The Rhodium solutions are developed with the legacy and lessons learned of UniMACS, FT NavVision and IMAS products, which RH Marine (or Imtech Marine) previously produced, in mind. Contact your account manager to learn more about how and why to upgrade to the modernized Rhodium solutions.


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